Children Walk In On Parents Having Meddachschlop


Everyone in the Loewen family was peacefully asleep having a nice afternoon meddachschlop this past Sunday, when all of a sudden young Ethan and Brittany were awoken by peculiar sounds they just had to investigate.

Oba, go back to bed right now!” exclaimed Mr. Loewen, as the children pushed open the door without knocking. “Can’t you see your mom and I are busy having a peaceful afternoon nap!”

The children ran back to their rooms in a panic, quickly followed by Mr. Loewen in a housecoat who turned up the volume on the Veggie Tales videos to maximum.

“When mother and I are having meddachschlop I expect the volume to stay like this,” said Loewen sternly. “We are not to be disturbed!”

After that embarrassing moment, Mr. and Mrs. Loewen vowed to be much more discreet while having meddachschlop, and have taken necessary precautions to avoid such an encounter again.

“Martha needs to have meddachschlop a lot quieter,” said Mr. Loewen. “Meanwhile I’ll be sure to crank up the George Beverly Shea.”

(photo credit: by Haydn Blackey /CC)

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