Rumours Fly as Young Woman Gets a Haircut


The rumour mill was running in full force this weekend after local woman Marilynne Klassen, 32, went to one of those weltlijch city hairdressers and came back with the “shortest haircut we’ve ever seen!”

“Is she planning to leave her husband or what?” wondered Mrs. Froese to Mrs. Peters. “She has children at home, yet!”

Mrs. Peters had a slightly more nuanced, but nevertheless, misguided assessment of the situation, noting that Mrs. Froese had better just get used to it because that’s the way things are these days.

“You’re going to see more and more young ladies like that,” said Peters. “It’s the world we live in now. I hate to say it, but gone are the days when a woman’s glory and eternal salvation are found in the length of her hair.”

Mrs. Froese blamed all of this haircutting on the slippery slope established by no-fault divorce in the late 60s.

“As soon as we lost that battle, it was all over for the sanctity of marriage,” said Froese. “Now there are people defining ‘family’ however they want and fashioning their hair in whatever manner pleases them.”

Mrs. Peters shook her head and wondered just what would be next yet.

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