Car Manages to Stay Clean for a Record Two Minutes After Leaving Car Wash


Area woman Diane Fuchs has set a Western Manitoba record this afternoon after managing to keep her CR-V clean for a full two minutes and 14 seconds after leaving the car wash.

“It was amazing,” said Fuchs. “I nearly made it to the end of the block. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

In commemoration of her remarkable achievement, Fuchs was awarded the keys to the City of Brandon and a gift card to the Lady of the Lake.

“It’s people like this that make be proud to be a Brandonite,” said Mayor Jeff Fawcett. “She’s an inspiration to everyone else out there just struggling to keep their car clean in early spring.”

In order to capitalize on the clean car craze, several local car washes have opened up extra car washes at the exit to their the existing ones.

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