New Study: Farmer Sausage Contains Only “Trace Amounts” of Actual Farmers


A new farmer sausage study from the University of Tubular Meat in Plum Coulee, Manitoba suggests that the vast majority of farmer sausage is actually completely farmerless.

“I’m not sure what they’re putting in there, but it ain’t farmers,” said Dr. Janz. “When we tested pork sausage, deer sausage, turkey bacon – all of those lived up to their names, except for farmer sausage!”

The study did show that a few pieces of formavorscht did, in fact, contain farmers.

“But only trace amounts,” said Dr. Janz. “That could easily just be from when Mr. Kornelsen forgot to wash his hands. It’s negligible.”

Dr. Janz is asking folks to stop calling it “farmer sausage”, as many consumers are being misled.

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