Mennonite Man is Literally ‘Older than Sliced Bread’


Sliced bread was introduced to the market in 1928. This makes Mr. Peter Wiebe, 93, of Winkler literally “older than sliced bread.”

“Oba, I’m older than sliced bread and my wife Annie is younger than sliced bread…well barely,” said Wiebe. “Yeah, that sliced bread was quite the innovation back in the ’20s. Before that we just ripped off a piece and scarfed it down with some Welch’s grape juice.”

Annie is really proud of her husband for reaching such a prestigious age.

“Not everyone gets to be older than slice bread,” said Annie. “It’s just Peter and few other friends at the coffee shop.”

Peter Wiebe has just started a new Older Than Slice Bread club in Winkler, though many of the locals are thinking it should be called Older than Sliced Broot.

“Or Older than Jreeweschmolt on Toast,” said Wiebe. “When did Mennonites invent that?”

Research indicated jreeweschmolt on toast dates back to a meeting of Mennonites in the 1530s where Menno Simons shared a delicious piece with Obbe Philips.

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