Mennonites React to Arrival of Amish in Manitoba


While most of Manitoba’s Mennonites have long ago assimilated into the general population, the arrival of Amish in the province, has generated considerable discussion within the Manitoba Anabaptist community. We took to the streets of rural Manitoba to find out how the Mennonites are responding to their new neighbours.

  • “Jauma! This is horrible news. Now for sure I won’t be the holiest man in southeast Manitoba.” – Conrad Klippenstein, 71, Zhoda
  • “I’m all for it! If I can hook up with a nice young Amish man, I won’t have to marry my cousin Peter.” – Linda Schroeder, 19, Friedensfeld
  • “Oba, yo! I’ll finally be able to meet Beverly Lewis in person!” – Greta Neufeld, 81, Kleefeld
  • “I say bring on the Amish. Their barn-raising skills will come in handing when it’s time to expand my farrow-to-finish operation.” – Abe Rempel, 54, Piney
  • “We here at the Vita Chamber of Commerce are really looking forward to the boost in business when those young Amish come into town for their rumspringa!” – Steve Driedger, 43, Vita
  • “I’ve seen those Amish quilts. That’s top quality stuff. I’m not sure I can complete. I guess I’ll have to take my quilt-making business to Saskatchewan.” – Margaret Stoesz, 60, Grunthal
  • “I know this isn’t the Mennonite thing to do, but I’m waiting to reserve judgement.” – Ruth Heinrichs, 41, Pansy

(photo credit: Clemens v. Vogelsang/CC)

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