Abbotsford Woman Experiences Embarrassing Bout of Garden Envy


After a visit to Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island this week, Mrs. Klassen, 83, of Abbotsford experienced mysterious new feelings she’d never felt before in her life.

“I can’t say for certain, but I think, as I stood there above the Sunken Garden, I felt … I hate to say it … jealous,” said Klassen, who prides herself in her own suburban garden. “The vivid colours, the lush greenery. I think I might have even been coveting there for a moment.”

Klassen’s husband Earl was quick to console his wife, who plopped down on a nearby bench, face in her ¬†hands.

“I’ve tried so hard to plant a nice row of cucumbers and a few hydraganeas,” said Klassen, sobbing. “Mrs. Driedger was always impressed, but now I know she was just trying to make me feel good …”

Klassen said she plans to dig up her entire garden as soon as she gets home and just spend the rest of her days watching hockey with Earl.

“I’m a changed woman,” said Klassen. “Once you’ve seen Butchart, you can’t go back to Abbotsford and be satisfied with your two rows of potatoes and a rhubarb patch.”

Earl says he experiences the same sort of feelings every time he compares his sausage to the stuff they make out in Manitoba.

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