Mennonite Communities Eager to Put a Siemens in Charge

ABBOTSFORD, BC (with files from WINKLER, MB)

There is a growing trend in traditionally-Mennonite communities across Canada – putting a Siemens in charge. This month civic elections in both Abbotsford and Winkler sent a Siemens to the mayor’s office and political pundits believe this could be a trend.

“Next thing you know Jac Siemens will be mayor of Steinbach,” said political pundit Darryl Siemens. “There are Siemenses all over the place and they all seem to be pretty good at politics for some reason.”

Mayor Ross Siemens of Abbotsford and Mayor Henry Siemens of Winkler are already planning a Siemens Summit sometime this winter.

“Our goal is to get a Siemens in charge of Leamington, La Crete, and even Rosthern if we can,” said Siemens. “Our motto is this – ‘Hey, why not go with a Siemens?'”

Siemenses run the range of the political spectrum, although most share a love for community, family values, and copious amounts of Rogers Golden Syrup.

“We’re also thinking of getting Yasch Siemens to run for office,” said Siemens. “Although we might have some trouble convincing Armin Wiebe of the idea.”

Any Siemens interested in running for mayor can contact the Siemens Proliferation Office at 1-800-606-SIEMENS.

(photos: Ross Siemens, Henry Siemens)

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