Mennonite Woman Discovers $1,000,000 in Deceased Grandma’s Margarine Containers


Area woman Rebecca Rempel was helping to clean up her recently deceased grandmother’s house, when she made a discovery that changed the course of her life forever. On the upper floor of Grandma Rempel’s Waldheim house, Rebecca found a closet full of margarine containers.

“At first I thought nothing of it,” said Rebecca, “but then I flipped open one Becel lid and discovered it was full of dimes and nickels…and there were a lot more margarine containers where that one came from.”

By the time all the margarine containers full of coins were added up, the money totalled more than 993 thousand dollars, which Rebecca says she plans to share with all her cousins.

“Each of us should get about $300, which is a pretty nice sum,” said Rebecca. “Alll I can say is thanks a lot, Oma!”

It is not known how long it took the elder Mrs. Rempel to accumulate this volume of pocket change, but officials are saying this method of banking is not uncommon among Mennonites.

“We’re asking all the Mennonite families out there to keep on the look-out for margarine containers,” said financial advisor Petey B. Epp. “You never know what you might find besides just, you know, margarine.”

Rebecca Rempel spent her cut of the money on the biggest MCC store shopping spree northern Saskatchewan has ever seen.

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