Mennonite Woman Still Writing Her Cheques for 2018


The Plum Coulee Credit Union is just about fed up with Mrs. Friesen’s cheques dated to January 2018. Credit Union staff has warned her on numerous occasions to “get with the times” but Mrs. Friesen can never remember that it’s now 2019.

“Oba, the first few days I can understand it, but it’s been a few weeks,” said Credit Union manager Mrs. Doerksen. “They’re going to have to shut off the power at the church soon if her tithe cheques don’t go through!”

Mrs. Friesen is aware of her tendency to not know what year it is, and says she will do everything in her power to remedy the situation.

“Every night before I go to bed I repeat over and over ‘It’s 2019. It’s 2019. It’s 2019.'” she says. “So far all that has done is kept my Henry awake and made him really grumpy in the morning.”

If Mrs. Friesen writes one more cheque as 2018 she will have her cheque-writing privileges revoked.

“The Co-ops doesn’t like it. The dollar store doesn’t like it. The gas station is fuming!” said Mrs. Doerksen. “That woman better learn what year it is before she’s not able to buy anything in this town!”

According to sources, Mrs. Friesen is also routinely showing up to church on Monday mornings to find an empty parking lot and a locked door.

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