Frugal Alberta Mennonites Vote to Keep Daylight Savings


There has been considerable discussion over the past few years about the possibility of getting rid of Daily Savings time. While most are in favour of doing away with it, a strong and growing group of Alberta Mennonites have opposed the idea and have expressed their preference to keep these lucrative savings.

“Aver sence I was a jung, I have been scrimping and saving yet,” said Mr. Plett of La Crete. “And now these Englishers want to come and take away my daylight savings. Naver!”

The group has been picketing morning, noon, and night outside the Alberta legislature in an effort to persuade politicians and voters to see things their way.

“Keep your money-grubbing hands off my daylight savings,” yelled Mr. Plett.

“Taxation is theft!” yelled another.

So far their protests have been ineffective and it’s looking like Daylight Savings Time will soon be coming to an end.

“It’s just the world we live in now,” said Mr. Plett. “Everyone wants something for nothing!”

The protestors are hoping that at the very least the Alberta government will let them keep their evening and nighttime savings.

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