Mennonite Woman Caught Using ‘Hunky Bill’s Perogie Maker’


Anna Harms, 51, of Grunthal has been caught “cheating” with Hunky Bill. The cheating was of great concern to her husband Darrel, who always assumed her perogies were hand made.

“And then I come home early from work one day and there she is with Hunky Bill yet,” said Darrel, still in shock. “She always said she was pinching each perogie by hand. Apparently she’s been living a lie this whole time.”

Anna admits to her infidelity with Hunky Bill but says it’s all about the perogies and she doesn’t really love him.

“I know my Darrel can’t see it now, but really I’m doing this for him,” said Mrs. Harms. “With Hunky Bill, I’m in and out of the kitchen in a few minutes, plus the perogies are so much more uniform in size.”

Darrel has insisted that he and Anna go for marriage counselling, but Anna says she’ll only go if Darrel talks openly and honest about his long term relationship with farmer sausage.

“We all have our secrets,” said Anna. “Quite frankly, I’m relieved that this is now all out in the open.”

(photo credit: noricum/CC)

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