Chaste Young Mennonites Pledge to Save Hymnal-Sharing for Marriage


Thousands of young Mennonites at the annual ‘Chaste Your Future’ event came forward at the end of a stirring sermon by youth pastor Dan and pledged to save hymnal-sharing for marriage.

“I know of many young people who have ruined their lives by jumping into a pew with whoever shows a little interest,” said Dan. “I hope that this is the generation where we finally live up to the pure and honourable hymn-singing standards of our forefathers.”

While the choir sang, attendees were expected to come up to the front and pin a piece of paper to the wall. On the paper they were to write the names of all the young men and women with whom they have held (or even thought of holding) hymnals.

“Pin those names to the wall and leave them with the Lord,” said pastor Dan. “From now on, you vow to hold your own hymnal and your own hymnal alone until you are happily married.”

Area youth Andy Unger, 19, said he was really looking forward to his wedding night when he could finally flip open a page with his beautiful wife and sing all four verses together.

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