Mr. and Mrs. Dyck Still Don’t Get the Joke


Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Dyck of North Kildonan still don’t understood why non-Mennonite young people seem to fly into hysterics whenever they hear their surname uttered.

“I went to the big mall over there to buy a new pair of overalls and handed the clerk my debit card. Well, the young man with a lip ring asked me how I said it, and when I told him, he just started laughing and laughing,” said Mr. Dyck. “I have no idea why, but he was laughing like a fool and showed the card to all his friends. It was really rather rude, but finally he gave it back and said, ‘Man, your name is dope.'”

Mr. Dyck corrected the store clerk and said his name was not ‘Dope’ but actually Harry, but this only seemed to amuse the immature young man even further.

“What is with these English children yet?” wondered Mrs. Dyck. “Laughing for absolutely no reason.”

The couple said that even their own grandchildren could not, or perhaps it was that they would not, explain what was so funny about their last name.

“This never happens when they say my name in church,” said Harry. “If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’d better just do all my shopping at the MCC store where half the people there are Dycks…or else just pay in cash.”

(photo credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/CC)

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