Mennonite Seniors Rush to Grab Free Eggplants in Lobby


As soon as the residents of Golden Mennos Retirement Home saw on their lobby-cams that someone had dropped off free eggplants, there was a wild dash to the lobby.

“Argh, Mrs. Kroeker always gets here first,” said Mrs. Driedger, who sadly went back to her apartment empty handed. “It’s no fair that she lives so close to the lobby.”

Fresh garden vegetables are such a hot commodity at the retirement home, that the board has recently enacted a new policy.

“The lobby eggplants need not always go to the swiftest among us,” said board chair Mrs. Plett. “So from now on, we’re going to hold an eggplant raffle. This will go for any yams and dillweed left in the lobby, too.”

In order to get your hands on the veggies, residents will be asked to put their names in a hat, with the promise that the winners will use whatever they take and not let it go to waste.

“We want to see your recipes,” said Mrs. Plett. “I’m not so confident that every Mennonite woman in this condo knows what to do with a good fresh eggplant.”

There were a few objections to the new plan, with some saying that the veggies should be distributed equally among everyone, while others thought the new raffle system was a little too close to gambling.

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