Mennonite Man is Completely ‘Full of Schmidt’


Area man Abe Schmidt, 61, had drawn considerable attention as of late for his social media posts, which friends and family say are “completely full of Schmidt.”

“The guy is not a reliable source of information,” said cousin Harold. “I mean, you should hear the rumours he’s spreading about me and Mrs. Penner. Total bull Schmidt.”

Schmidt often posts gossip he’s heard at the coffee shop, but others say he has a tendency to exaggerate.

“It was so bad, I nearly Schmidt myself this morning,” said Harold. “He really needs to tone it done a wee Schmidt.”

In his own defence, Schmidt says he’s only repeating what he’s hearing from Mr. Falk.

“And that man doesn’t know what the Falk he’s talking about half the time,” said Schmidt. “I think it’s only right that we get our information from Mr. Fehr.”

Some believe that he’s more full of Schmidt than any other Mennonite in the area, while others believe with a name like that it just might be that all this Schmidt is actually coming from a Lutheran.

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