Mennonite Man Drives 900 Kilometres to Save 5 Cents a Litre at Rosthern Gas Station


When Wilbert Peters of Altona, Manitoba found out from his Saskatchewan cousin Fred Olfert that gas was a full five cents a litre cheaper in Rosthern, he immediately set out on a daylong trip to fill up the tank.

“I waited until the tank was bone dry, so I’d be able to make the most of my trip to Rosthern,” said Peters, who left the house at 6 AM this morning and plans to be in Rosthern for supper. “There’s no way I’m paying these ridiculous Manitoba gas prices when I can get it so much cheaper in northern Saskatchewan.”

Peters reportedly filled the tank three times on the way to Rosthern, but says it’s worth it.

“I don’t care how many tanks of gas I use to get that bargain there in Rosthern,” said Peters. “I refuse to sit around and be gouged out here in southern Manitoba.”

Not only has Peters spent more than $300 in gas just to get to Rosthern, but that doesn’t even account for all the zoat he’s been knacking.

“Oba, but you know I’d be knacking zoat all day anyway,” said Peters. “I still say it’s a good deal. Gotta save every nickel I can.”

Local gas jockeys are already placing bets on which of Rosthern’s bountiful array of gas stations will get Mr. Peters’s business.

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