Mennonite Seminary Student Can’t Figure Out All This German


Future Mennonite pastor Dave Unger, a student at the Winkler Anabaptist Seminary, is having real trouble in his New Testament class, especially after students were required to read the text in its original language.

“I had an advantage since I already can read German, both high and low!” said Unger. “At least I thought I could. For the life I me, I can’t make heads nor tales of this German New Testament I bought at the seminary bookstore.”

Despite the difficulties in deciphering the “unusual” German script, Unger is still at the top of his class.

“The other students aren’t even trying to learn German,” said Unger. “Some of them have been practicing something called ‘Koine Greek’, whatever the heck that is. Sounds like a complete waste of time to me.”

Unger suspects he may have accidentally been given a Plautdietsch Bible, which accounts for his difficulty in reading it.

“When I gaze down at the pages in front of me, something just seems a little off,” said Unger. “I hardly recognize a single word!”

Unger plans to graduate next month and will be behind the pulpit of a Mennonite church a couple weeks after that.

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