Mennonites Unimpressed With Ken Ham’s Replica Ark


Young Earth creationist Ken Ham’s $100,000,000 replica of Noah’s Ark in small town Kentucky has attracted visitors from near and far, including a few Mennonites who were willing to shell out the hefty $40 admission fee. The Mennonites we spoke to, however, were more than a little disappointed.

  • “Ken Ham? I’d really prefer to see the ark built by Ken Formavorscht.” – Andy Loewen, 23, La Crete, AB
  • “It’s basically just a floating house-barn. We’ve got a whole town full of those back in southern Manitoba,” – Pete Friesen, 71, Neubergthal, MB
  • “Now I know why so many people drowned in the flood. Who wants to pay forty dollars just to get on a boat with a bunch of smelly animals?” – Ben Stoltzfus, 45, Lancaster, PA
  • “I’ve never been a literalist when it comes to the Book of Genesis, mostly because I don’t think any human being could survive 40 days and 40 nights without schmaunt fat.” – Anna Berg, 63, Leamington, ON
  • “100 million? Wow, we’ve raised bigger barns than that with volunteer labour and without using any nails.” – Peter Schwartzentruber, Millersburg, OH
  • “Not that great. Next year we’re taking the kids to Graceland.” – Samantha Yoder, 31, Elkhart, IN

(photo credit:By Jameywiki– Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, /cc)

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