‘Mennonite Pickers’ Find Treasure Trove at Local Dump


The local dump, or nuisance grounds as it’s commonly called by Mennonites, has provided quite the bounty of stupid crap for local pickers Arnold Loewen and Edna Dueck.

“They don’t really like us doing this,” explained Loewen, “but we always come away with more than we drop off when we visit the dump. I mean who can resist a perfectly good landfill mattress?”

Loewen and Dueck are featured on a new History Channel show called ‘ Mennonite Pickers,’ which depicts the duo going from dump to dump finding useless garbage to bring back home and throw in the living room.

“The best part is we don’t even have to negotiate a price with anyone,” said Dueck. “Dishes? A nice throw rug? Toilet brush? Just toss it on the back of the truck and move on to the next dump.”

Over the years the couple, who claims their relationship is strictly platonic, have pulled more than three dollars worth of merchandise from rural Manitoba dumps.

“You should see my living room,” said Loewen. “It’s pretty incredible and the rats don’t bother anyone.”

‘Mennonite Pickers’ airs Wednesdays at one thirty in the morning on the local cable access channel.

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