‘Seinfeld’ Re-runs Totally Confuse Local Mennonite Man


Neophyte television-watcher Abe R. Dyck of Kleefeld became completely disoriented this past week while binge-watching episodes of hit 90’s TV show ‘Seinfeld’ at his nephew’s home.

“He’d never heard of the show before,” said nephew Robert Dyck, 32, “and I was hoping to remedy that. I guess it didn’t work. He just kept asking questions the whole time. He wouldn’t shut up.”

Most confusing for Abe Dyck was his inability to find the town of Seinfeld in the Mennonite Historical Atlas that he brought with him.

“There’s Gruenfeld, Neubergfeld, Gnadenfeld, Kleefeld, of course, and don’t forget Schanzenfeld – they make excellent formavorcht there – but where is this Seinfeld? I looked at maps dating back to the 1870s and it just wasn’t there.”

The elder Dyck reportedly spent the entire time consulting every historical atlas he owned and totally missed the Soup Nazi episode.

“He didn’t really watch the show,” said his nephew. “He thought maybe Seinfeld was somewhere in yantzied. I think next time we’ll just play knipsbrat like we usually do.”

(Photo credit: by Mikael, CC)

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