Mennonite Man Fits Entire Bag of Spitz in His Mouth at Once


Area man Steve Toews, 38, is being hailed as a local hero this week after he stuffed an entire bag of dill pickle Spitz in his mouth at once.

“It was the church picnic and there plenty of eligible young women around,” said Toews. “I know what impresses them.”

Even more remarkable than his ability to fit an entire bag of knackzoat in his mouth, was that Toews was somehow able to crack the shells with his mouth full.

“There are some rookies out there who can only knack one at a time…or, worse yet, have to use their hands,” explains Toews. “Only a real pro like me and Kjnels Pankratz can stuff our mouths and successfully deshell a zoat at the same time.”

Toews, who received three marriage proposals after displaying his knacking skills, conducted the entire Daily Bonnet interview with a mouthful of Spitz and plans to read his testimony in church this Sunday in a similar state.

(photo credit: Mark S/CC)

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