Mennonite Boy Sneaks a Glimpse of Stanley Cup Finals from Lutheran Neighbour’s Window


10-year-old Mennonite boy Billy Unger of Swift Current was caught watching game one of the Stanley Cup finals through his Lutheran neighbour’s window last night.

“Watching television? Oba, nay! And hockey yet!” said Billy’s father Klaas. “It’s a good thing I caught him part way through the second period before he became completely corrupted by those Lutherans and their television set!”

The Lutherans in question claimed they had no intention of corrupting the neighbours, but simply enjoyed watching the sport of hockey every now and then.

“We noticed Billy there by the window,” said Mr. Muller. “But we just let him be. We’re nice like that.”

Billy was strongly scolded by his father, who punished him by forcing him to eat raw onions and clean out the eavestroughs.

“It was totally worth it,” said Billy. “If I’m allowed to leave the house before the finals are over I’m heading over to the Mullers again.”

The Pittsburg Penguins plan to dedicate their next game to honour the perseverance and courage of little Billy Unger.

(photo credit: by brizzle born and bred/cc)

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