Hilarious New Show Features Leading Anabaptist Scholars in ‘Drunk Mennonite History’


A popular new television program is hoping to gather top Mennonite scholars from around the world to give their take on important historic Mennonite events such as the signing of the Schleitheim Confession, the Muenster Rebellion, and the journey of Klaas Epp Jr.

“The thing is, we don’t want this to be your standard Menno history from Michael Sattler to the present day. Instead, like its secular progenitor, we add a little booze into the situation,” said the show’s producer Dr. Stotlzfus. “Drunk History was a real hit and I’m certain that Drunk Mennonite History will be even bigger!”

The show is also planning to have episodes about the Great Trek, the formation of the Selbstschutz, as well as series of episodes on various schisms over the years.

“Sure, they’re be slurring their words a little bit, but combine that with a Plautdietsch accent and a story about Conrad Grebel and I think we’ve got the making of a hit on our hands,” said Stoltzfus. “I’m especially looking forward to the drunken retelling of the Mennonite landing at the Red and Rat river!”

The show is scheduled to begin taping in spring … if they can find any Mennonite scholar willing to be drunk on camera that is.

(photo credit: Dennis Jarvis/CC/modified)

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