Mannanites are Feeling Vary Blast This Time of Year Yet


Mannanites across western Canada have been sharing #blast memes throughout the holiday season this year yet.

“Like and share if you’re feeling sea gut and blast dis year,” said Mrs. Petkau of the La Crete area on a recent Facebook post. “The Lord has blast us with yust so many tings. Papsi. Shildren. And even some time off to vazet mit our frintschoft and knack zoat, oba yo.”

Mrs. Petkau’s #blast meme was shared by many of her cousins and even some members of the Stoesz family too, yet.

“We have much to be tankful for,” said Mrs. Stoesz. “Abe’s got a new job at the cheese factory und we had yust so many piglet this year. Hashtag blast for sure!”


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