Local Man Finally Switches from Cassette to CD Just in Time for the Demise of CDs


Area man Bennie B. Plett, 67, has finally decided to get rid of all his old gospel tapes and replace them with this new technology he just discovered called the Compact Disc, or CD for short.

“Over the years I had compiled a collection of more than five-hundred albums by artists such as The Cathedrals,¬†George Beverly Shea, and some Gaither Homecoming performances. You should see all the cassettes I had,” explained Plett. “Well, I decided to replace them all with Compact Discs. I’m really looking forward to this new technology!”

Plett said he was able to buy almost all his CDs at the MCC store and only about 50% of them, he estimates, were scratched up and unlistenable.

“I know some people say that Mennonites don’t keep up with technology,” said Plett. “But I guess I proved them wrong.”

Meanwhile all Plett’s hipster grandchildren are switching from Spotify to vinyl.

(photo credit: Lukas Koster/CC)

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