Mennonite Woman Cleans House Just Before Cleaning Lady Arrives


Mrs. Stobbe, 67, of Abbotsford was in a panic this morning to get her house in order for the arrival of her cleaning lady Gertrude.

“Gotta make sure this place is spick and span!” exclaimed Mrs. Stobbe, on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. “The cleaning lady’s coming over any minute now!”

Mrs. Stobbe spent all morning getting the house into tip-top shape, including washing the dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming the carpets and all the other chores that she’s hired the cleaning lady to do.

“I don’t want Gertrude to think I’m a slob,” said Mrs. Stobbe. “I’m paying her good money to spread positive rumours about me, not bad ones.”

When Gertrude arrived this afternoon, Mrs. Stobbe quickly vacated the premises and let Gertrude work on her own.

“I just put my feet up and have a smoke,” said Gertrude. “That Mrs. Stobbe is such a good cleaner, there’s nothing left for me to to around here.”

Gertrude says she’s going to Mrs. Penner’s place next and those floors better be clean before she gets there!

(photo credit: B & M stores/CC)

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