Mannanite Man Can’t Hear His Own Acksant


Area man Peter Berg still insists after all these years that he doesn’t have a Plautdietsch accent at all.

“Ats all deeze Enjelsch who have da acksant yat,” he said in perfectly fluent Low German. “I don know vat dey’re fetaling about once.”

Berg is under the impression that averyone talks like him yet, and those who don’t are the ones with the acksant.

“I talk da Anglish and I talk da Plautdietsch,” explained Berg. “Yust becuz you’re fram Vanapag doesn’t mean you talk da Anglish corrackt yat.”

Berg expresses frustration when he goes to Wal-Mart in the big city and people can’t understand what he’s saying.

“I axed where da traktas are vonce,” said Berg. “And da womens dare yust talled me ‘it doesn’t give such at da Wal-Marts.’ Oba, I was truarijch about dat.”

Berg says from now on he plans to stay in the Schteinback where nobody has an acksant and averyone talks yust like him yet.

(photo credit: by tgraham/CC)

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