The Official Correct Spelling of Every Mennonite Surname

We’ve looked at proper pronunciation before, but today we’re going to examine the proper spelling of common Russian Mennonite surnames. I know it’s hard to believe, but some of you are getting your own names wrong. Maybe it was an immigration officer who changed it upon entry, or maybe your ancestors wanted to sound more Anglo. Whatever the case, here is way you really should be spelling it according to Elder Goertzen (yes, with a T) in Steinbach.

The Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO) lists these as “alternate spellings,” but we’re just going to go ahead and say they’re incorrect. That’s a lot more fun.

Correct: Berg – Incorrect: Barg, Baerg, Bark, Barck, Barch

Correct: Bergmann – Incorrect: Bergman

Correct: Braun – Incorrect: Brown, Bruhn, Brun, Brunss, Bruens, Bruyn

Correct: Broesky – Incorrect: Braysky, Brayskee, Broski

Correct: Bückert – Incorrect: Bueckert, Bieckert, Bickert

Correct: Buhler – Incorrect: Bueller, Buler, Boular, von Bulaer, BuBullaret, Buhlet, Buylar

Correct: Claassen – Incorrect: Claasen, Classen, Cleasz, Claussen, Klaassen, Klassen, Klaeszen

Correct: Dirksen – Incorrect: Dircksen, Dirks, Duerksen, Derksen, Doerksen, Dyrksen, Dirssen, Dirck, Dircks, Derks

Correct: Driedger – Incorrect: Driediger, Drudger, Dridger, Driger

Correct: Dyck –  Incorrect: Dueck, Dück, Dick, Dieck, von Dyck, van Dyck, von Dick, van den Dyck

Correct: Enns – Incorrect: Ens, Entz, Enss, Enz

Correct: Friesen –  Incorrect: Friese, Friessen, Fresen, Froese

Correct: Giesbrecht – Incorrect: Giesebrecht

Correct: Goertzen – Incorrect: Goerzen

Correct: Gröning – Incorrect: Groening, Greening

Correct: Hamm – Incorrect: Ham

Correct: Hiebert – Incorrect: Huebert, Hubert, Hübert

Correct: Höppner – Incorrect: Hoeppner, Heppner

Correct: Janzen – Incorrect: Jantzen, Janssen, Jansson, Jansen, Jansz, Jans, Jantz

Correct: Kehler – Incorrect: Kayler, Kailer, Keller

Correct: Koop – Incorrect: Coop, Kopp

Correct: Kroeker – Incorrect: Kroecker, Kreker, Krueger, Kröger

Correct: Loewen –  Incorrect: Löwen, Loewens, Leewen, Leewens, Liewens, Lieuens

Correct: Neufeld –  Incorrect: Neufeldt, Newfield, Nieufelt

Correct: Penner – Incorrect: Panna

Correct: Pries – Incorrect: Priest, Preeze,

Correct: Reimer – Incorrect: Reemer, Rhymer

Correct: Sawatzky – Incorrect: Sawatsky, Sawadsky

Correct: Thiessen – Incorrect: Thiesen, Tiessen, Tyssen, Tieszen

Correct: Toews – Incorrect: Töws, Taves, Toevs,

Correct: Unger – Incorrect: Ungar, Ungerer

Correct: Van Vogt – Incorrect: Vogt, Vote

Correct: de Veer – Incorrect: De Fehr, Fehr, Defehr, Devehr, Dever, Devaehr, Du Verre

Correct: Warkentin – Incorrect: Warkentine, Warkentein, Workentyn

Correct: Wiebe – Incorrect: Weeb, Wieb

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