Major League Baseball Announces New 16 Game Season to Compete with the NFL


Starting next season, MLB teams will be playing a shorter more economical 16-game schedule.

“We looked at the NFL and what makes them successful,” said baseball commissioner Ron Manfred, “and reducing the season by 146 games seemed like the most sensible thing to do.”

The new short schedule will mean that each game has a lot more meaning and teams will no longer need to play their inferior starting pitchers.

“People will be on the edge of their seats with every pitch,” said Manfred, “especially by mid-April when the postseason begins.”

Fans are excited about the change, saying they always preferred the NFL anyway.

“Next thing you know, they’ll get Taylor Swift to show up at Royals games,” said baseball fan Brian Kehler. “It’s finally going to be a packed house at Kauffman Stadium.”

League officials later clarified that the new schedule actually only applies to the Oakland Athletics.

(photo credit: Erik Drost/CC)

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