Rumours Fly as Mennonite Man is Spotted at Jewelry Store


Area man Kyle Reimer, 23, was spotted at a local jewelry store this week, which sparked several rumours about an upcoming engagement.

“Oba, I didn’t even know he was dating anyone,” said Mrs. Brandt. “I guess he and that Klassen girl were closer than I thought.”

It didn’t take long and Reimer had a text from his mother wondering why she wasn’t the first one to be told.

“Na, junges,” said Mrs. Reimer. “You can’t get a thing like that past me. I’m in tears. When’s the wedding?”

Mrs. Reimer had already booked the MB Church basement for a date sometime this July.

“Ugh, all I was doing was getting my watch battery replaced,” said Kyle. “You’ve gotta be careful in this town.”

While she was disappointed that Kyle wasn’t getting married, Mrs. Reimer was relieved to know that her son wasn’t getting his ears pierced.

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