Bill Nye Totally Owned in Debate by Bible School Student


After a rematch between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, a Bible School student from rural Indiana took on Bill Nye and “totally owned” him in a recent debate.

“At first I was all, like, nervous and stuff, but then I read, like, some great bloggers online somewhere who gave me some unbeatable arguments,” said Andy Hostetler, a second-year student with a 2.4 GPA at Ulrich Zwingli Bible School. “After watching a couple Kirk Cameron videos, I had more than enough material to last through a three-hour debate.”

After being unable to counter any of Hostetler’s arguments, Bill Nye, thoroughly exhausted and sweating profusely, stood in disbelief at the end of the debate.

“What can I say?” said Nye. “The arguments he got from that Kent Hovind pamphlet were utterly compelling. Plus, they were all so new to me, I wasn’t prepared to handle them at all.”

Hostetler, who says he spent upwards of twenty minutes preparing for the Bill Nye debate, is proud of his accomplishment and plans to travel college campuses this fall challenging prominent biologists and physicists across the country.

“I’ll take on all comers. If after just two years of Bible School I can bring Bill Nye to his knees, just imagine what I’ll be able to do once I’ve finished my three-year certificate!” said Hostetler. “I bet Richard Dawkins in shaking in his boots.”

After his performance in the debate, Hostetler is also being considered for the starring role in God’s Not Dead 3.

(photo credit: Raphael Perrino/CC)

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