Mennonite Couples Compete to Have the Most Grandchildren


It’s a race to the top for the Buhlers and Wiebes this week in the annual Grandchildren Sweepstakes. The top prize, which goes to the couple with the most grandchildren, is a weeklong trip to Gretna and their names prominently featured on the bulletin board at the Co-op.

“We’ve increased our grandchildren count from 87 to 126 this past year alone,” said Mrs. Buhler. “It’s been a great crop this year.”

Close behind the Buhlers are the Wiebes who have 117 grandchildren the last time they counted.

“Plus a couple dozen in the oven,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “We may not pass the Buhlers, but we’re not going to go down without a fight.”

The numbers are tallied by Ms. Loewen, a single woman who, as the locals put it, “has no skin in the game.”

“She’s the only one we can trust to keep score,” said Mrs. Buhler. “Whenever the topic comes up at the quilting bee, she’s always there with notepad in hand. She always knows if Dan and Andrea are expecting or if Neil and Jessica have had their twins yet.”

The Buhler and Wiebes are already starting assembling their Christmas tootyas, which they say is a year round project.

(photo credit: by hsingy/CC)

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