Bitcoin Adopts Catchy New Slogan


After a recent crash, Bitcoin has adopted a snazzy new slogan lifted straight from the Canadian banking industry.

“We thought we’d try to appeal to a more mainstream customer who’s used to the establishment banks,” said a crypto rep. “Yeah, so, we decided with ‘Cryptocurrency: You’re Poorer Than You Think.’ Not bad, huh?”

Crypto traders were enthusiastic about the new slogan, saying they find the new more honest approach “refreshing.”

“I was hoping they’d go with ‘Crypto: Gamble Your Life Away’ or ‘Crypto: How Is This Not a Ponzi Scheme?’ but I guess that was just a little too on the nose.”

In other news, Canadian banks will now be marketing their own industry under the banner, “We’ll Milk You for Everything You’ve Got but At Least We’re Not Crypto.”

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