Hymn 606 to Undergo Major Overhaul


After dozens of complaints that the same old Hymn 606 just wasn’t cutting it anymore, the Mennonite Church has decided to dramatically overhaul the lyrics and melody of the famous hymn.

“People were just sick of it. ‘Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow’ every single Sunday year after year. Enough was enough,” says song arranger Gareth Nafziger. “So, we’ve changed the tune to ‘Shake it Off’ and also added a couple country-rap verses.”

Nafziger says the committee studied the issue at length and although there was some support for leaving the hymn the way it was, in the end it was decided that the song needed an update if the church was going to continue to attract young people.

“606 just ain’t what she used to be,” said Nafziger. “And after our changes, you won’t be able to recognize her at all.”

The committee has also eliminated the complex harmonies and replaced them with beat-boxing and a five-minute kazoo solo.

“People are going to love this new Hymn 606,” says Nafziger. “Oh, but since we also killed Hymn 508, 430, and 111, it will now be known as Hymn 603. I’m sure people will get used to it.”

Nafziger is also excited for people to hear his new version of Amazing Grace, which is set to the tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’.

(photo credit: by michael_swan/CC)

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