How to Totally Rock Your Mother’s Hand-Me-Down Bathing Suit This Summer!

Your mother’s given you a lot of things: her smile, her hips, and probably some used clothes you just don’t know what the heck to do with. Well, don’t worry, ladies! There’s no reason to donate that old bathing suit to the MCC Thrift Store just because it’s 80 years old and droops in all the wrong places. Wear it with pride. After all, it once belonged to your mother. So, here are some tips to totally rock that delightful hand-me-down number!

  • Layer it up! – There’s absolutely nothing a nice sarong can’t cover…and I mean nothing!
  • Add a splash of colour to the swim cap! – Like they always say, if the swim cap needs painting, paint it! I know you’d like to show off your new ‘do, but your mother was a modest woman who always kept her head covered, even while swimming.
  • Water wings complement any ensemble. You may have learned to swim at the pits back in the 60s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a pair of Dora the Explorer water wings this summer. Best of all, if they’re tight enough, no one will notice your upper arm jiggle.
  • Pray you’ve inherited your mom’s thigh gap. Even if it’s not an exact match, you can always get Taunte Helen to make a few adjustments. She’s a whizz with the Singer.
  • Don’t tell your husband! – Nothing kills the vibe worse than your husband finding our you’re wearing his mother-in-law’s old swimsuit. Just so long as he’s not wearing Opa Dueck’s Speedos.
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