Bible Camp Shuts Down After No One Memorizes Enough Verses to Attend


Little Happy Menno Bible Camp in Northern Ontario has had to shut its doors this summer after not enough kids memorized their verses this year.

“We kept lowering the minimum standard. 50 verses equals one week at camp. Then 30, then 10. But, lately, they’re not even memorizing that,” said camp co-ordinator Bethany. “These days we’re lucky if they know John 3:16.”

Bethany suspects that “those new PlayStations” have something to do with the decline in verse memorization, but hopes things will pick up in fall.

“Our Bible Camp receives all its funding and support from verse memorization,” said Bethany. “We can’t even fuel the generators until a few kids recite Psalm 23.”

Local Sunday School teachers will be working hard in the off season to get kids memorizing those verses so that Little Happy Menno Bible Camp can open again next year.

“We’ve had to sell off three canoes and a raft,” said Bethany. “But, Lord willing, we’ll be back in business once the home-schooled kids contribute their verses.”

The camp has also noticed a severe decline in the level of competition at their daily sword drills.

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