Attention-Starved Trudeau Responds by Munching on McDonald’s Apple Pie During Interview


After his political rival Pierre Poilievre went viral this week for eating an apple during an interview, Prime Minister Trudeau decided he’d face reporters with something even better – a McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie.

“Yum, num, num,” said Trudeau, bits of flaky pie crust clinging to his chin. “Now what was it you said about inflation?”

Not to be outdone by Poilievre, Trudeau continued to devour the baked apple pie and took particularly large bites whenever the questions got a bit too challenging.

“What’s my response to the crisis in the Middle East?” said Trudeau, by this time on his third apple pie. “Geez, this thing is delicious.”

Trudeau says he’s not used to the Conservative leader going viral and figures this apple pie stunt should do the trick.

“I’m not used to talking with my mouth full,” said Trudeau. “Unless of course you’re talking about my foot.”

Trudeau also says that if anyone comes around asking about the missing fruit of the tree, he can always claim that Pierre took the first bite.

(photo credit: Jennifer Boyer/CC)

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