Area Woman Picks “Gross Onions” Off Her Burger while Devouring Her “Delicious Onion Rings”


Area woman Coleen Loewen drew quite the crowd at her local A&W this afternoon as she picked off all the onions from her burger while simultaneously devouring a bag of delicious onion rings.

“Ugh, onions, gross,” said Loewen, pinching the onions off her burger. “Now where did I put those delicious onion rings. Ahh there they are. Delicious!”

After her meal, servers cleared her tray but were baffled to find an empty bag of onion rings right next to Loewen’s discarded onions.

“Na, oba, what is going on here?” said A&W worker Diane Plett. “I’ve never seen anything like this. What a waste.”

Loewen’s actions drew a large audience who posted photos of her tray on Instagram.

“I think maybe she doesn’t know what onion rings are made of,” said Plett. “Perhaps we’ll have to discuss this important matter in Sunday school next week.”

In other news, authorities have arrested a man this week who claims he hates tomatoes but loves ketchup.

(photo credit: kateweb/CC)

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