Gen Z Adopts Mennonite Tradition of Covering their Ankles


23-year-old Gen Z influencer Evelen Sawatzky of Martensville has a message for Millenials out there – “cover your ankles!”

“If you want to look old and out-of-fashion, then keep on wearing those ankle socks,” said Sawatzky, showing off her snazzy new pair of ugly white crew socks. “Either go Menno or go home!”

Covering up your ankles is a such a popular trend among Gen Z folks that the local MCC store is having trouble getting rid of all their ankle socks.

“If it’s not at least halfway up the calf like we wore in the 90s, these young people won’t buy it,” said thrift store manager Ashley Thiessen. “It seems it’s not just the Mennonites these days who are covering up their ankles.”

Sawatzky agrees with Thiessen, though recommends buying your crew socks new, rather than at the thrift store.

“9 times out of 10 those secondhand crew socks were donated by one of your local hog farmers,” said Sawatzky. “It’s much better to just look like Uncle Henry than to actually wear his old socks.”

Despite the warnings, Millenials say they’re going to continue showing off their ankles as they have no other way of distinguishing themselves from their Boomer parents.

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