Trad Wife Discovered at Mennonite Museum


Thousands of Winnipegers have flocked to Steinbach this spring to get a glimpse of the latest Internet trend – the trad wife. The highest concentration of these trad wives seems to be at the Mennonite Heritage Village museum on event days.

“I wasn’t sure I would see one,” said Karen Schmidt of Winnipeg, “but I heard that a lot of trad wife sightings occurred in the housebarns at the museum, so I figured I’d check it out.”

Thankfully for Schmidt she managed to snap photos of several trad wives, including one who was showing off the bake oven and another who was reading the children’s story in the sod hut.

“I must have come on a good day,” said Schmidt, “because the trad wives were everywhere. This is going to make really great content for my blog.”

Schmidt also managed to find a few trad wives at the MCC store and the Co-op where she stopped for sunflower seeds on the way out of town.

“I’m not sure I could live the trad wife life myself,” said Schmidt, “but it’s nice to see there are a few people out there giving it a try.”

Schmidt observed that the museum was also full of trad husbands, but said she wasn’t that interested in taking their photos.

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