Mom’s Spoon Preferred to Dad’s Belt, Survey Results Suggest


A new survey of Mennonite children and ex-children suggests a strong preference for mom’s spoon to dad’s belt during disciplinary sessions. The survey asked more than a thousand Mennonite children and two thousand adults, which method they preferred and the choice was overwhelming.

“Personally, I prefer to stand in the corner, but if I have to choose between the belt and spoon, I always go with the spoon,” said little Andrew. “To be quite honest, it kind of tickles…”

The spoon was deemed so ineffective to curb bad attitudes and disobedient spirits, that some Mennonite mothers began experimenting with force-feeding their children raw onions.

“You’ve got to do something to keep them in line,” said Mrs. Berg. “Lord knows my wooden spoon ain’t doing the trick.”

While the wooden spoon was useful for mixing batter, it seemed ineffective for any other purpose.

“Those little rascals just don’t respect the spoon like I did when I was a child,” said Mrs. Berg. “Pretty much the only thing that does it these days is threatening to cut down on their Nintendo time.”

The survey also suggested that “wait until your Dad gets home,” was an effective threat in 7 out of 10 situations.

(photo credit: Christian Senger/CC)

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