Canadian Woman Confuses Vegemite for Nutella


Area woman Erin Klassen of Abbotsford was about to enjoy a delightful snack of Nutella on bread, while she sat down to watch season 3 of The Bear this evening. However, Klassen’s snack turned out to be a little saltier than she had anticipated.

“Diewel! What the hell happened to my Nutella!” wondered Klassen, spitting out the disgusting piece of toast. “That’s the last time I send Brad to do the grocery shopping.”

Unbenownst to Klassen, her jar of Nutella had sat in the cupboard for so long that it now had a distinctly “umami” flavour.

“It was like chomping down on a hunk of salty tar,” said Klassen. “I haven’t been this grossed out by a snack option, since my Taunte Lina’s bean salad at the Klassen gathering back in 1991.”

It’s not known how the Vegemite appeared in Klassen’s pantry, but her friends suspect it may have something to do with that late night shopping spree she had a few weeks ago after one too many pints at Field House Brewing Company.

(photo credit: tristinab/wikicommons)

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