Friesen Siblings Gather for 20 Year Home School Reunion


The Friesen siblings of Altona gathered this past week at Mom and Dad’s bungalow to celebrate their 20-year home school reunion.

“We’re the graduating class of 1997,” said Dave, who works at the local feed mill. “It’s so great to reunite with the other students at 632 6th Avenue NE School.”

Dave, along with his brothers Dan and Tim and sisters Anne and Sarah, all managed to finish school at more or less the same time back in 1997 and, although they all still live in Altona and see each other every other day, got emotional when reunited for their home school grad.

“Dave was the valedictorian,” said Sarah, who runs a local flower shop. “But I think he mostly got voted in because he threatened to rough up Tim and Anne if they didn’t vote in his favour.”

Back in 1997 Sarah was voted the homecoming queen, an honour that made her sister Anne furious with jealousy.

“I can’t help it, but I’ve just been more popular than Anne ever since my sophomore year in home school,” said Sarah. “Quite frankly, I’m surprised she showed up to the reunion.”

All five students at 632 6th Avenue NE School graduated with honours, much to the excitement of Mrs. Friesen, their Biology, English, Plautdietsch, Phys. Ed. and History teacher, and Mr. Friesen, the overly strict no-nonsense principal. Mr. and Mrs. Friesen retired from teaching the very next year.

(photo credit: by Erik Cleves Kristensen/CC)

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