Djokovic Retires from Tennis to Take on Trucking Job in Canada


After dominating the sport of tennis for the past two decades, Novak Djokovic plans to use his immense talents to single-handedly solve the supply chain problem in Canada.

“Got my Class 1 license just last week and I’m ready to drive,” said Djokovic, who has also picked up a cassette copy of Del Reeves’ classic ‘Looking At The World Through A Windshield. “I’m warmed up and ready to truck. Let’s go!”

The new job will be somewhat of a pay cut for Djokovic, but he says he’ll make up for any lost wages by doing a few more runs than the average trucker.

“I’m pretty sure I can make it from Vancouver to Charlottetown and back in a couple hours,” said Djokovic. “If they coat the Trans-Canada Highway in clay that is.”

Djokovic is already the number one ranked clay-court trucker in the world, although it’s not yet known how he’ll perform on grass, concrete, and ice.

“I think I can handle this job,” said Djokovic. “Just so long as they don’t make me cross the border.”

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