Couple With Joint Facebook Account to Finally Get Married


Wedding bells are on the horizon for a local couple who have been Facebooking in sin for more than three years. Brenton Friesen and Laurie-Anne Cote of the Ste. Anne area have been sharing a Facebook account since 2013, much to the chagrin of Cote’s conservative parents.

“I don’t think my Mom really approved of my social networking with Brenton,” she said. “She’s kind of old-fashioned about stuff like that.”

The account, under the name ‘LaurieAnneBrenton CoteFriesen,’ contains over two hundred pictures of Laurie-Anne’s cat Sir Malcolm Purrsalot doing crazy stuff, but also has a few snapshots of Brenton’s snowmobile and a comment he made about how “bad Steinbach drivers are.”

“It’s mostly her page,” said Brenton, “but now that we’re getting married, I think I’m going to do a lot more posting. I have a lot to say about the potholes on Brandt Street.”

After the July wedding, the couple plans to move into an apartment in Blumenort where they can Facebook together under the holy bond of matrimony.

(photo credit: by English106/CC)

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