Chaos in Church Kitchen as Pickle Dishes Discovered in Cream and Sugar Cupboard


Chaos erupted in the South Grunthal Mennonite church kitchen this week after the labels fell off the cupboards, leaving pickle dishes in with cream and sugar and teaspoons in the chipped saucer drawer.

“I was minding my own business, trying to get some cream and sugar, when what did I discover? Pickle dishes! Well I never!” said Mrs. Janzen. “It’s time we form a committee to get to the bottom of this!”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Penner found a red coffee cup tray that contained several plastic drinking cups for the church basement red juice.

“It’s absolute mayhem,” said Mrs. Penner. “They might tolerate these kind of shenanigans over at the MB church, but we’re GCers!”

Mrs. Penner immediately agreed to join Mrs. Janzen’s committee, who intend to relabel all the church kitchen cabinets so this problem will never happen again.

“But not until we have at least ten or twenty committee meetings first,” said Mrs. Penner. “I’m pretty sure it was a lack of committee meetings that caused this mislabeling problem in the first place.”

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