Mennonite Couple Ill-Prepared for Encounter with ‘Spicy Perogy Pizza’


The Platts of Landmark decided to take a trip into the big city of Schteinbach this weekend for date night once yet. However, the Platts were not prepared for what they encountered at Boston Pizza – the Spicy Perogy Pizza!

Na, oba, Tina, it doesn’t give such!” proclaimed Harry Platt. “The kids would naver believe what Boston Pizza is doing to the perogy. Vereniki and spice? Jauma lied!”

Despite her husband’s initial misgivings, Tina nudged Harry to order the Spicy Perogy.

“Just because we’re Mannanites, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little spice,” said Tina. “There’s more to life than cream gravy and raisin buns.”

Still, Harry was a little nervous about his first encounter with a spicy perogy.

“It’s bad enough that it’s spicy and then I find out that it’s potato and cheddar!” said Harry. “What kind of blasphemy is this yet!”

After date night, Harry and Tina picked up the kids from their grandparents, who gladly took the leftovers off their hands.

“Oh, dansksheen!” said Grandpa Pieta, gripping the pizza box. “Hey, look, Margaret. It’s the Spicy Perogy!”

Margaret quickly shushed her husband, reminding him that all talk of the “spicy perogy” should be reserved for Sunday afternoon meddachschlop.

(photo credit: Paul/CC

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