Mennonite Man Refuses to Clean Up Dishes Until He Gets Meeting with Prime Minister


The dishes are really piling up at the Peters house this week after Clint Peters, 57, of St. Catharines staged a one-man protest and refused to do any chores until Justin Trudeau speaks with him “Menno a Menno.”

“Until the Prime Minister comes down here to St. Catharines and listens to my grievances, I am refusing to so much as touch a dirty dish,” said Peters. “That goes for shovelling the driveway and tidying up the living-room too. Oh, yeah, and I’m not changing the toilet paper roll either!”

The Peters family acknowledged the patriarch’s anger, but couldn’t figure why he was taking it out on the family.

“Talk about misplaced anger,” said daughter Diane. “The least he could do is go leave some dirty dishes around 24 Sussex Drive.”

Mrs. Peters, on the other hand, said she really didn’t notice her husband’s so-called¬†protest as this was basically his normal level of contribution to household chores anyway.

“We’ll see how he likes things when I take the keys to his truck,” said Mrs. Peters. “And no more Sunday afternoon ‘naps’ either.”

(photo credit: lisaclarke/CC)

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