Water Softener Salt Sits at Door for Months


Three bags of water softening salt have been sitting at the front door of the Unrau residence in Mitchell for the past three months. The bags were supposed to have been brought downstairs by Colin Unrau, 29, but despite numerous reminders from his wife Susan, the chore has yet to be completed.

“I’m a newlywed, so I guess I haven’t quite learned the ropes yet,” said Unrau. “Dang, those bags are sure something heavy.”

The water softener is in the basement and the task of moving the bags, cutting them open, and dumping them in the tank is just too much for Unrau.

“I’ll do it after the Jets game,” Unrau said…and has been saying during every game this season. “I brought them to the front door back in November. What more can she ask for?”

As a result of Unrau’s lack of action, the couple has noticed a gradual decline in water quality.

“It always feels like I haven’t really washed my hair,” said Susan. “I think I’m going to stop with the Sunday afternoon meddachschlops if he doesn’t get off his ass and haul those bags downstairs real soon!”

Colin promises he’ll get the job done by the time the Unraus host Bible Study in June.

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